FAITH NO MORE @ Hyde Park, London, UK


First of all it was meant to be a fantastic week starting off with the Damon Albarn concert in Hamburg on Tuesday and Faith No More outdoors in London’s Hyde Park on Friday. Ozzy Osborne of Black Sabbath has invited some old friends of his to play on this day of the BST Festival.

Unfortunately my daughter got sick the night before my flight to London and had to be hospitalized. Now, my decision was taken already to stay with her and let the concert go but my girlfriend basically forced me to go to London and I thank her very much for that. Obviously I felt that my daughter was in good hands and there was not too much I could have done anyhow other than being there and showing support for both my daughter and girlfriend. So, sitting on the plane and in the London tube with mixed feelings, being happy to get to see my heroes live again with potentially performing new material even and not knowing how my loved ones were doing. Thanks to W-LAN and WhatsApp I at least got some updates. Luckily after a couple of bad and tough days all was good again.


Since my flight arrived very early in the morning I still had half day to stroll through the streets of London. Didn’t feel too much like sightseeing and hence I decided to go to the Hyde Park quite early.

 I enjoyed the lovely weather and had a couple of beers right at the lake. When walking around the entire festival area from the outside, I found one entrance allowing a view on to the stage from very far behind. By coincidence just then FNM were actually on stage doing their sound check and guess what…!?! They were really doing Zombie Eaters (which was very rarely performed live by now) and some song that sounded like FNM which I didn’t know. So this might either be a cover with FNM’s signature to it or - like a couple of rumors up front indicated and what might be seen as the logical outcome from the message FNM provided via their newly launched Twitter account about a month prior to their two only live performances for 2014: ““The reunion thing was fun, but not it’s time to get a little creative” – actually a new song!!! And it really sounded like something typical FNM, however, the chorus wasn’t too exciting really…




So after hanging around a little more and another beer I headed towards the main entrance and passed the gate pretty early…


fnm2014-005  fnm2014-012


I stayed in the back of the front area close to the stage for both Soulfly and Motörhead.

I was a little disappointed about Soulfly as the majority of the songs sounded alike and no energy was transported to the audience really. Then again this is quite a tough call being the first one on stage on a sunny afternoon with not even half of the audience being on the festival area yet.

For Motörhead I need to admit that I didn’t really know much of their material although obviously there is a huge fan cult with quite some followers to this phenomenon. To cut it short, I don’t understand this worshipping. For my part all songs offered the same boring structure and mix of “singing” and biker rock. Just not my cup of tea.

After succeeding in moving closer to the stage and some more waiting the stage was being prepared all in white for the big masters: Faith No More. They brought a whole set of flowers with them. One of the girls placing the flowers on stage wore a pretty short skirt. With the majority of the audience being male each new flower that was put on the stage by her was being applauded and cheered.

Faith No More actually really started off with the slowly growing and then quickly exploding “Zombie Eaters”. Wow, what a start! Really well played and of course performed very intensively by the god of the vocals himself, Mr. Michael Allan Patton. Where FNM had been wearing white or colored cheap suits during their festival performances in the past years, this time they came dressed as priests, again drummer Puffy made an exception wearing a black shirt. Also, Patton wore his slicked back hair parted and had fake tattoos on his cheek and neck. to the side so he looked like one of those priests protecting some Mafiosi of some kind. Typical Patton humor…








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Setlist (highlights in bold)

  1. Zombie Eaters 
  2. From Out of Nowhere 
  3. Epic 
  4. Caffeine 
  5. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies 
  6. Easy  (Commodores cover)
  7. Midlife Crisis 
  8. Everything’s Ruined 
  9. Cuckoo for Caca
  10. King for a Day 
  11. Ashes to Ashes 
  12. Superhero  (New song / World premiere)


13. Motherfucker (New song / World premiere)
14. We Care a Lot:

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